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Artists Portraits

2018 - 2019

︎Elena Goded Rambaud, founder of Ábbatte, biologist and many more. Unpublished for Kalon Magazine. April 2019

︎Multidisciplinary artist Bárbara Allende, Ouka Leele, paiting one of her sculptures at her place for Kalon Magazine. May 2019

︎Cover for SOLO ASTRA Music band new album. April 2019

︎Cupido Music band. December 2018

︎Photographer Gala Font de Mora at her place with Shiva. September 2018

︎Multidisciplinary artist Gema Polanco. December 2018

︎Illustrator Sanz i Vila reading and painting at his studio with his cat. September 2018

︎Javier Auserón from Ant Cosmos Music band. February 201