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2016 - 2019

︎Part of Captourist ‘s Photographic team. Book a photo session with me if your’e traveling to Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona (Spain).
Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, from May 2019.

︎Participation in the Utopia Markets Photo sharing stand with artists Bárbara Traver and Gala Font de Mora.
Barcelona, May 2019

︎Participation in the Swatch Cities Creative Natives new artists presentations.
Madrid, November 2018
︎Participation in the ART ALL NIGHT event at Washington D.C., where I exhibit some of my photographs at READ WALL.
September 2017

︎First prize for Street Photography at Torrent Jove.
Valencia, February 2017


︎Participation in the winter edition of Flamantes, Hago Cosas.
Spain, 2016/2017